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Industrial Services

Industrial Painting Services

Prestige Painting of the Chicago Land Area, is one of the largest, most respected industrial painters in Midwest. We know from our more than 16 years of experience in industrial painting and coatings that it is a specialty craft that takes superior skills and workmanship to obtain the kind of durability and long-lasting results needed in industry.

The hot and humid summers to the subzero temperatures presents special challenges for maintenance personnel and painting contractors.

No job is too complex or too difficult

  • Storage tanks

  • Utility plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Oil refineries

  • Pulp plants

  • Water treatment facilities

Customers Include

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturers and distribution centers

  • Schools and universities

  • Public utilities

Our Wide Range of Services...

Our services include abrasive blasting using a wide range of materials, steam and chemical power washing & jetting, and several kinds of chemical, solvent and tool cleaning methods, depending on the job and condition of the surfaces.

We properly prepare surfaces using power washing, mechanical or hand tooling, and sandblasting before we apply coatings for better adhesion of final coatings and durability.

Free estimates and fixed pricing

Prestige Painting offers budget estimates at no charge. We provide transparent, up-front pricing to help you budget without surprises. We will inspect your buildings or equipment and point out surface defects and visible problems that need to be addressed before the paint goes on to ensure a long-lasting result.

Our bids are always inclusive of all work that will need to be done and include a fixed price.

Finish coatings may include

  • Building interior and exterior coatings

  • Floor coatings and systems to meet codes

  • Nonskid  floor applications

  • Chemical, impact and abrasion resistant

  • Concrete slab coatings

  • Structural steel coatings

  • Pipe cleaning, color coding and labeling

  • Machinery and equipment coatings

  • Secondary containment and sealers

  • Fuel and water tank linings and coatings

Minimal disruption to your business

Prestige Painting employees are highly skilled commercial painting artisans who work together as a team. We do our best to accommodate your business needs, working nights and weekends to minimize disruptions to your business as much as possible.

We have professionals who are qualified in every aspect of your job, from broad stroke work to the fine detail needed in ultra-custom work, enabling us to handle all kinds of jobs … even those others may subcontract out or walk away from.

Our Qualifications

We use only our own highly skilled professional painters who are trained and certified in high lifts and fixed and suspended scaffolding to handle any size industrial project. Safety is at the heart of every industrial painting operation we undertake.

Prestige Painting conducts weekly safety training sessions for all employees to reinforce our safety procedures. Prestige Painting is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.

We stand 100% behind every job we do. Our proven longevity in the business says conclusively that we will be here for many years to come!

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